• Administration

    June Release of VerticaKit


    The June 2014 release of the VerticaKit has the following changes: Adds 1 queries Mergeout activity, mergeout durations, and mergeout volumes processed (submitted by Curtis) Added Projection Specific section & realigned queries

  • Administration

    Under the Hood: System Tables and Views


    Most users are familiar with the system_tables table which provides a list of v_catalog and v_monitor tables. These tables are helpful in managing your instance. What isn’t very visible is the v_internal schema, it’s tables, and underlying definitions. In this short post, we’ll see the tables available in the v_internal schema and how to query…

  • Releases

    Vertica 7.1 “Dragline” Announced


    Vertica just announced their newest release of Vertica, code named “Dragline.” This version introduces SQL-on-Hadoop, better access control, optimized back-ups, additional Flex Zone data format support, dynamic resource management and more.

  • News

    SQL-on-Hadoop Analytics


    MapReduce and Vertica came together to create a SQL-on-Hadoop Analytics solution. This solution will allow reduction of costs and complexity by allowing Hadoop and Vertica to be run on a single cluster; essentially running Vertica on top of MapR.

  • Administration

    May Release of VerticaKit


    The May 2014 release of the VerticaKit has the following changes: Fixed schema for query_requests for query time distribution Adds 6 queries Nodes with less than recommended disk space available (40%) Workload analyzer tuning rules Tables without primary keys (help with optimizing joins) Percentage of database that has been deleted Denied resource requests (identify resource…

  • Database Design

    Tuning Rules in the Workload Analyzer


    Curtis Bennett recently wrote a blog post about the the workload analyzer. In his post, he exposes the queries behind the workload analyzer. He then discusses the tuning rules used by the workload analyzer, what they do and how you can alter them. You can read the full post at vertica.com.

  • Conferences

    Early Bird Rate Extended


    The early bird rate for the Vertica Big Data Conference 2014 has been extended to May 16. The rate is $295 for the core conference with optional pre-conference hackathon. In addition, Vertica is still accepting abstracts for papers to be potentially presented at the conference. Check out the official site for details.

  • Best Practices

    Enforcing Uniqueness of Data on Load


    Vertica does not enforce uniqueness of primary key or unique constraints on load due to the potential overhead associated with the operation. There are ways to enforce uniqueness on load such as using MERGE, ANALYZE_CONSTRAINTS() or staging the data in a temporary table. This post will discuss these methods and potential restrictions around them.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Ignore Projections During Optimization


    I just learned about an undocumented function which allows you to tell the optimizer to ignore certain projections. Ignoring projections can be useful for testing or when optimizing queries. This post will show how to use the set_optimizer_directives() function to accomplish this.

  • News

    Vertica 7 Training Webinar


    HP held a 3-part webinar on an overview of Vertica 7 back in January. This webinar discussed installation improvements, fault groups, load improvements, SQL Server improvements, and query optimizer improvements.

  • Optimization, Performance Tuning

    Overview of Pre-join Projections


    This post will give an overview of Vertica’s pre-join projections. Pre-join projections are not frequently used due to the manual set up work and limitations around its usage. However, they can deliver increased performance at query execution by moving the join step into the load.

  • News

    Call For Authors


    I’ve set up this site with the goal of becoming a valuable resource for the analytic database known as Vertica. Thus far, it has been a tremendous immersion process to learn and practice this technology. Resources have been extremely scarce and there’s much to share while learning the technology.

  • Administration, Tips & Tricks

    Skip lazy projection creation


    I received a strange error when attempting to replace a super projection. I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior (by explicitly defining the projections or by auto super projection creation). However, I’ll walk through scenario with the former projection, the replacement projection, and the resolution.

  • Administration, Best Practices, Development

    Time Series with Last Value


    This post will briefly cover working with time series stock data in Vertica. In my first experience, I use the TIME_SLICE function to aggregate and window the data as described in documentation. However, due to a lack of a window frame, I received incorrect results when paired with LAST_VALUE. After adding a window frame, the…

  • Administration, Database Design, Tips & Tricks

    Clearing Database Designer Workspace


    I recently had an error running Database Designer which left some residual tables and schemas associated with the design. I posted my question on the (unofficial) Vertica forums as to how to remove the design workspace, and was fortunate to have my question answered. However, I was surprised there were few resources around the function…

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