Python SDK for Vertica Is Here


Finally its here, the Vertica Python official SDK. This was the most asked feature (at least by me) to Vertica Engineering.

More about this feature

Some Highlights about this feature

Make sure, when you test your python program before deploying it uses Python 3.5.1 interpreter as the same version is used by Vertica. So if not used right version there are possibilities your code might behave different than your UDx

For now, I think Python API only supports UDSF(User defined Scalar Functions), this is an assumption, not tried yet, since the documentation shows API usage only for this type of UDx.

Make sure when you develop a UDx, you test it for performance, since Python is interpreted language different than JAVA and C++. I wonder, if it would not be that much faster as compared to UDx in C++, JAVA SDK.

I will be trying this as soon as a I upgrade to 8.0.

Meanwhile enjoy the available option and go ahead develop something useful for the Vertica community with Python SDK.

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Navin Chakraborty

Navin is a Senior Software Engineer with 4 years of experience working with Vertica. He author's his own blog at Vertica-howto and contributes regularly on

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