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    Estimating the Compression Ratio for a Vertica Schema


    Depending on the size of your database it may take a long time for the audit function to complete. HP Vertica cautions against doing a detailed, low error-tolerant audit audit on a production database since it will cause all of the data in the database to be dumped in a raw format to calculate its…

  • Administration

    License Audit Calculation Change in 7.1.2


    As of version 7.1.2, the license audit calculation has changed to no longer include a 1-byte cost for delimiters. Vertica continues to audit based on raw data size, but will no longer calculate cost of delimiters. To demonstrate the change, the VMart sample database was loaded in 7.1.1 and 7.1.2. First, the projection storage was…

  • Tips & Tricks

    Ignoring NaN Values


    For floating point values which are represented as undefined or unrepresentable, Vertica can store NaN (not a number) values. In comparisons against NaN, results will return false whenever NaN is involved. This quick tip will show how to include or ignore NaN values.

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