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    Distributed Execution, Live Aggregate Projections, and Database Designer from Data @Scale Boston


    Facebook hosted Data @Scale Boston November 12th along with its one-year celebration of its Kendall Square Office. Local companies such as DataXu, Vertica, VoltDB, Twitter, and Facebook presented during this talk. Derrick Rice, Nga Tran, and Vivek Bharathan of Vertica gave great presentations about the data movement challenges in distributed computing, Vertica’s Live Aggregate Projections,…

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    Top Five Ways to Run a Great Vertica Evaluation


    A great post came out of vertica.com last week on the top 5 ways to run a great Vertica evaluation. These best practices really give excellent explanations into the ways that an evaluation can succeed. This post follows a previous read on the top 5 ways to botch a Vertica evaluation. Read more at vertica.com.

  • Development

    How to convert a string to a table in Vertica


    Sometimes when working with BI tools you will need to pass a table of parameters to a Vertica query. One way to do this is to serialize the table into a text string, pass the text string as a parameter to Vertica, and then convert the text string back to a table inside of Vertica….

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