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    First Look at Live Aggregate Projections


    One of the newest features of Vertica 7.1 is Live Aggregate Projections. These projections are designed to improve query performance for frequently used queries containing aggregates, as the physical data will already be aggregated. This reduces the necessary operations required at query time. However, this benefit has a cost at load time as aggregation has…

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    Vertica 7.1 Dragline Released


    Vertica 7.1 has been officially released with some exciting new features. The Community Edition will be released at a later date and the AWS AMI has not yet been updated. As drivers are being provided as part of the full client package, only 7.1.x client drivers are compatible with version 7.1.

  • Administration

    Partitions With a Unix Timestamp


    Some data may not be stored using the traditional date/time type. This post will explore basics around partitioning on a Unix timestamp, calculating a partition clause, and comparing the performance against a table with date/time partitions.

  • Development

    Creating a Calendar Table


    A calendar table is frequently used in queries to provide gap filling for rows that don’t match inner table data. It can also provide extended information such as the week, quarter, fiscal flags, holidays, and business days. This post will walk through one way of creating a simple calendar table and some extended information.

  • Administration

    July Release of VerticaKit


    The July 2014 release of the VerticaKit has the following changes: Fixes calculation on nodes with less than recommended disk space Fixes tables without primary keys to exclude system tables Adds 3 diagnostic views Configuration Information View Diagnostic Information View Resource Information View

  • Reviews

    Review: HP Vertica Essentials


    I recently responded to a request to review the first (I’ve seen) published book on Vertica. The book, HP Vertica Essentials (Amazon & Packt Publishing), by Rishabh Agrawal intends to cover deployment, administration and management of Vertica. This review will attempt to break down the chapters and see how well the book covers those topics.

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