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    Using grep to Search Output


    The vsql \o command is typically used to send output to a file. It can also be used to pipe results to a command (\o | COMMAND). In combination with grep, output can be quickly searched. I came across this usage in the documentation and wanted to share the potential usefulness with this functionality.

  • News

    Webinar Recap: Upcoming Dragline Features and Beyond


    Vertica held a webinar on their upcoming Dragline release this passed Tuesday. You can watch the recorded session through Vertica’s Vimeo Channel . This webinar covered the main features of the next release as well as previewed the roadmap for future releases. It’s anticipated that Dragline will be coming in as soon as a few…

  • Best Practices

    Merge vs Correlated Join


    This post will examine the performance of MERGE versus using a correlated UPDATE statement using different projection states and different load methods. These statements will be used to update values in a target table based on values from a source table.

  • Administration

    June Release of VerticaKit


    The June 2014 release of the VerticaKit has the following changes: Adds 1 queries Mergeout activity, mergeout durations, and mergeout volumes processed (submitted by Curtis) Added Projection Specific section & realigned queries

  • Administration

    Under the Hood: System Tables and Views


    Most users are familiar with the system_tables table which provides a list of v_catalog and v_monitor tables. These tables are helpful in managing your instance. What isn’t very visible is the v_internal schema, it’s tables, and underlying definitions. In this short post, we’ll see the tables available in the v_internal schema and how to query…

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