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    Skip lazy projection creation


    I received a strange error when attempting to replace a super projection. I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior (by explicitly defining the projections or by auto super projection creation). However, I’ll walk through scenario with the former projection, the replacement projection, and the resolution.

  • Administration, Best Practices, Development

    Time Series with Last Value


    This post will briefly cover working with time series stock data in Vertica. In my first experience, I use the TIME_SLICE function to aggregate and window the data as described in documentation. However, due to a lack of a window frame, I received incorrect results when paired with LAST_VALUE. After adding a window frame, the…

  • Administration, Database Design, Tips & Tricks

    Clearing Database Designer Workspace


    I recently had an error running Database Designer which left some residual tables and schemas associated with the design. I posted my question on the (unofficial) Vertica forums as to how to remove the design workspace, and was fortunate to have my question answered. However, I was surprised there were few resources around the function…

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