License Utilization

It’s important to remain compliant with license limits and not exceed space utilization in Vertica. Space utilization for licenses are based on the raw data size. This post will briefly cover the mechanisms for getting license usage and the uncompressed database size.

To calculate the raw uncompressed size for licensing, execute SELECT AUDIT('');. Note that Vertica automatically performs an audit at the set audit time. The audit time can be retrieved from SELECT GET_AUDIT_TIME(); and set with SELECT SET_AUDIT_TIME('11:59 PM');. To get the result of the most recent audit, execute SELECT GET_COMPLIANCE_STATUS();.

For license information, execute SELECT DISPLAY_LICENSE();.

The results of license audits are stored in the license_audits table in the v_catalog schema. The following query will return the 30 most recent rows with uncompressed database size, license size, usage percent and the audit time.

To get an estimated distribution of raw data size based on the license audit, I take the ratio between the uncompressed and compressed database size and apply it across the projection_storage table against super-projections only:


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