• Administration, Monitoring

    Table Size


    This post will show how to get the compressed size of Vertica tables from column_storage and projection_storage system tables in the v_monitor schema. To get an estimated raw or uncompressed data size, see my earlier post on License Utilization.

  • Administration, Monitoring

    License Utilization


    It’s important to remain compliant with license limits and not exceed space utilization in Vertica. Space utilization for licenses are based on the raw data size. This post will briefly cover the mechanisms for getting license usage and the uncompressed database size.

  • Administration

    Using Query Labels


    In an earlier post, I wrote about the importance of using stream names for COPY loads in Vertica. This post continues on that topic with using query labels on DML statements such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Special Characters


    Vertica uses extended (E) and Unicode (U) escaping for special characters. Some common special characters which need escaping are: Extended String Syntax Unicode Literal String Description ASCII Decimal E’\n’ U&’\000a’ Linefeed 10 E’\f’ U&’\000c’ Formfeed 12 E’\r’ U&’\000d’ Carriage return 13 E’\\’ U&’\005c’ Backslash 92

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