• Tips & Tricks

    Request Errors


    To investigate query request errors in Vertica, you can try the query below which joins the query_requests to the error_messages. The error level, code and message will be added to the query_request. The query uses the left 100 characters of request removing any tab, carriage return or line feeds.

  • Best Practices

    Importance of Using Stream Name with Copy


    When using a COPY bulk load in Vertica, it’s important to properly identify the load using the optional STREAM NAME parameter. This parameter makes it possible to easily identify loads when monitoring system load streams since they can generally be resource intensive.

  • Administration

    Identifying Slow Queries


    In this post, I’ll show how to identify slow running query requests in Vertica. The query_requests system table in the v_monitor schema holds information about user-issued query requests.

  • Monitoring

    System Resource Usage


    The system resource usage tables in the v_monitor schema of Vertica provide a high level summary of memory, CPU, IO and network usage. This post will examine the CPU and IO usage, and how to establish high usage of each.

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