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This post will show how to query the host_resources, disk_storage and storage_usage system tables to determine compressed disk space utilization for nodes or hosts in Vertica.


The host_resources system table shows the free disk available, disk space used, and total free disk available. The columns for determining disk space utilization in this table are:

Column Name Description1
disk_space_free_mb Free disk space available, in megabytes, for all storage location file systems (data directories)
disk_space_used_mb Disk space used, in megabytes, for all storage location file systems
disk_space_total_mb Total disk space, in megabytes, for all storage location file systems.


For the disk_storage system table, the space used and space free columns must be added to return the total used disk space. This table additionally provides the type of information stored in a location (data, temp, user, catalog), its throughput, latency, and storage status2.

The following query will return the disk space details at the node level for data and temp file types.


The storage_usage system table seems to provide the most granularity by showing the path, device, and file system for each node3. The used_bytes and free_bytes must be added and converted to a larger order of magnitude like above. This table may be most useful for monitoring disk space storage, as it already provides a percent of storage in use. The query below looks specifically at the Vertica file system.

1 HOST_RESOURCES Documentation

2 DISK_STORAGE Documentation

3 STORAGE_USAGE Documentation

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